Led Therapy Light


Led Therapy Light is a super flexible water-resistant neoprene panel, in which 120/360 LEDs with near and far infrared light are inserted.
The recommended treatment time is 10 minutes for the smaller legs and joints and 15 minutes for the larger muscle groups.

Led Therapy Light panels are sold individually.

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The “Led Therapy Light” panels were developed with the help of veterinarians and therapists, as an aid for the treatment of:
– Muscle and joint tension.
-Muscle and joint pains.
It is able to soothe pain and inflammation, stimulate blood micro-circulation, thanks to the strength of its various infrared diodes 850nm (light invisible to the human eye) and 660nm (visible light).

Each panel is made of super flexible Neoprene for better use, it is easy to clean (a damp cloth is recommended) and to store. Led Therapy Light can boast 3 different wavelengths of infrared light that can be easily modulated, making it one of the most innovative products when it comes to products for animal welfare.

Each package inside includes:
-Panel with near and far infrared diodes.
– Elastic band.
-Cable with wall plug.
-Adapter cable for power bank
-Powerbank if chosen in the order.

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