Led Therapy Light


Led Therapy Light panels: The ideal solution for your horse’s well-being.
Developed with the help of veterinarians and therapists, they are capable of soothing muscle and joint tensions, stimulating blood circulation and reducing pain and inflammation.
With 3 different lengths of infrared light waves, Led Therapy Light panels are among the most innovative products for animal well-being.
Choose to provide the ultimate comfort to your animal with Led Therapy Light panels.

Led Therapy Light panels are sold individually.

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Led Therapy Light Panels: The treatment for muscle and joint tension.
Led Therapy Light panels were developed with the support of doctors and therapists to relieve pain and inflammation, increase blood circulation and promote healing through the use of 850nm and 660nm infrared diodes.
Made from super flexible neoprene, easy to clean and store, these panels offer 3 adjustable infrared light wavelengths, making them one of the most innovative products for animal wellness.
Each package includes a panel, an elastic band, a power cord, and a power bank adapter, with the option to add a power bank in the order.
Choose Led Therapy Light for maximum muscle and joint relief.

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