Hoof Empower


Hoof Empower is the perfect solution for the health of your horse’s hooves.
Made of precious keratin and natural ingredients such as alcohol and a nail hardener, this product protects against bacterial proliferation and improves the general condition of the hoof.
With regular use, Hoof Empower will help regenerate damaged tissues and fight thrush, abscesses, and detachments, ensuring strong and healthy hooves.
Give your horse the well-being it deserves with Hoof Empower.

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Hoof Empower is an exceptional product, composed not only of precious keratin, essential for the health of the fibers that make up the hoof, but also of natural alcohol and a nail hardener, 100 % natural.
This product is perfect for fighting bacterial proliferation in case of degradation and improving the general condition of the hoof, making it more resistant and sanitized.
In addition, regularly sprayed on the affected area, it helps in the regrowth of damaged tissues in case of hoof sole soften.
Hoof Empower is also indicated in the presence of worm, abscesses, and detachments, to ensure the general health of the hoof

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