Concentrated arnica microcapsules – 100ml


ON-H microcapsules combine the healing power of arnica with the most, up to date, technology.
Added to your washing machine, the microcapsules, act as boosters for fabrics, used for both horses and their riders.

Thanks to the, anti inflammatory, powers of arnica, the recovery time (for horse and rider) will be reduced.

100% natural and hypoallergenic.

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ON-H microcapsules are smaller than 10my each and are resistant to temperatures, up to and above, 300°C, circa.
These factors make them incredibly resistant to external agents, so as to protect the active principle of the arnica, within.
Arnica is best known for its, anti inflammatory, properties and is extremely helpful in the treatment of: Hematoma; bruising; post traumatic edema, as well as for, muscle, joint and rheumatic disorders.

The, microcapsules, stick to the texture of the fabric and when rubbed against the skin or coat, release the, active properties, contained inside the capsules, for up to 120 hours, therefore, creating an, anti inflammatory, treatment, which is released, slowly, for the wellbeing of your horse.

These capsules are designed to be used in the, texture of the fabrics, during a, basic, cycle in your washing machine.
To use, fill the, measuring cup, enclosed, (20ml per load) and empty the contents into the, fabric softener drawer, of your machine.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Using the enclosed measuring cup, pour the contents into the fabric softener drawer of you washing machine. 20ml per load.
  • Wait for your fabrics to dry.
  • Repeat after 120 hours.
  • Do not iron.
  • N.B. If the items are not used immediately the effects of the microcapsules on your fabrics will last up to a month.

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